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Control 4 Home Automation

Dec 11, 2013


What do you use your Control4 System for?

  • Master Control my home theatre, TV and stereo.
  • Lighting control on our main floor.  The areas of the home we live in most have C4 light switches set at desired lighting levels.  For example, we don’t need 100% brightness in our

Samsung UltraHD Wildlife

Oct 31, 2013

Samsung goes on location for UHD Wildlife. Discover brilliant detail, at four times the resolution of Full HD. Samsung's UHD TV brings detail to life before your very eyes.


Songza & Grooveshark

Apr 30, 2013

Tuesday is reviewsday! This week I am taking a break from the hard work of playing with toys. Instead, I fired up my own system and tried out some streaming music services. On the judge’s table for this event: Songza & Grooveshark.
Grooveshark is a streaming service that you


Jawbone "Big Jambox" Review

Mar 19, 2013

I had the pleasure of auditioning the Big Jambox this last weekend. The Big Jambox is a portable speaker that connects wirelessly to any Bluetooth device and supports audio playback as well as speakerphone functionality.

Wireless setup is easy with one button. You can connect via USB or a

BRAVEN SIX Series: The World's Most Talented Line of Speakers

Mar 08, 2013

The BRAVEN SIX Series is an amazing line of ultra-portable bluetooth speakers that changes the mobile audio game by combining insanely long playtimes with stunning high fidelity audio and mobile device charging.

What is Home Control?

Mar 08, 2013

This is the first in a series of videos narrated by Paul Williams of Control 4 where he addresses the top 10 most frequently asked questions about home control.

In this video, he explains what exactly is home control and what's all the buzz about it.

Current Equipment Compatibility

Mar 08, 2013

Here's Paul Williams of Control 4 again with FAQ No. 2: will your current equipment work with Control 4?

Is Home Control Expensive?

Mar 08, 2013

Here's Paul Williams with FAQ No. 3: How Expensive is Home Automation?

Control 4 allows you to start small, such as automating one room only, and then to expand as your needs grow, or as you need more control.

What Can I Control?

Mar 08, 2013

Paul Williams's tip No. 4: What can I control in my home?

As explained in this video, a Control 4 system allows you to control not only your home theatre system but also the lighting and heating in your home, and much more.

Article also seen on blog.avu.ca

4K UltraHD

Feb 13, 2013
Get ready for Ultra HD Resolution!.

The big buzzword at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas was “Ultra HD” TVs.  Ultra HD is the new designation for what was announced last year as “4K” or “Quad HD” technology.  Basically, the new Ultra HD TV models that are coming to market

Bring your music on the Road!

Jan 14, 2013
Whether you're stuck in a hotel room or need some quality music before heading out on a vacation, good quality travel speakers can make a big difference. There have been some significant improvements to portable speakers recently and you can now get some really impressive sound in a small box.